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The path towards building a better world, a better future.

About us

Find out more about what ATIS is and what we want to achieve.

Are you seeking happiness?

Can you imagine making a better world?  Are you seeking in depth understanding of life? Do you want a safe, natural and secure future and lifestyle for you and your loved ones?


In ATIS we see religion as a persons chosen way of life, many call themselves followers of many various religions, but very few actually follow the true teachings and many don't even know most of the teachings of their "religions" beliefs are! As such, these people truly belong to their own religion, the one they've chosen in their hearts and minds through, their own chosen thoughts and actions to live, this self directed way of life is their true religion. 

Our beliefs:

ATIS teaches a universal way of life through:
Universal truth, balance and understandings in order to undertake good actions, thoughts, and speech through good morals. Many of ATIS teachings are based on knowledge that is regarded to some as a key to understanding the true nature of the Universe. Regardless of your current religion of philosophical stances in life, we of ATIS believe if given the opportunity of having enough time, experience and knowledge, we truly believe every person would naturally come to the same conclusions of Universal understanding, and naturally follow the path of ATIS, a state of sublimated wisdom and balance of both heart and mind.

So what exactly is the Temple of ATIS?

The Temple of ATIS, comprises of practical logical belief system, ATIS universal science, ATIS Martial defense, and the ATIS lifestyle. It's a respectful religion that follows the path of true balance, free of mythologies, Gods and deities. It stems from the ancient values of animism stemming back beyond recorded history into the era of human kinds first origins and the teachings of our ancient ancestors. In addition ATIS follows the teachings of the Universal truths by it's founder, towards the path of ATIS, the ultimate goal of building a Univana (Heaven) on Earth and through out the Universe.

Why is ATIS the correct religion for me?

If you also want a better world, the religion of ATIS is based on universal morals, values and ethics. The ATIS beliefs formed by both ancient and modern understandings of the physical and metaphysical world that show us the path of "universal truth, universal balance, universal good, and universal understanding, the path of ATIS". Once you understand the core principles we believe by natural choice if you want a better world you'll naturally choose the path of ATIS regardless if you know your following it or not, a true religion should always be this way.

What does ATIS do for me?

ATIS is a strong believer in the power of people, by binding together we believe that we become stronger, in doing so, we can build supportive infrastructures to help bolster and support one another.  The Temple of ATIS is about making a better world, and that starts with helping strengthen and protect it's followers, when the followers become stronger, the Temple becomes stronger. Empowering us to have a greater more powerful effect on the world around us. "The Temple of ATIS is built strong by it's followers, we're the living Temple of ATIS."

How's ATIS different?

The founder is currently undertaking efforts to spread the message across the entire world of The Temple of ATIS, not by words alone but by action, this is because many words of "righteousness" have been spoken by many religions in the past and even in present times but by action these same religions have shown us truth but much of the time not righteousness. If your interested in building a better world such as undertaking vegan business ideas, help with human rights or other projects to help promote a better world, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Please check out our COVID-19 research for a treatment/prophylaxis, or contact us for more information.

How did the Temple of ATIS come to be?

The Temple of ATIS originally started it's roots as a small family religion, and currently is now planting and sowing seeds to sprout and spread into the larger world, it is time to branch out around the globe and we're wanting to attract like-minded people whom deem themselves to be of intellect, good of heart, mind and intent, who want to create a sustainable Univana (Heaven) on Earth.People who want to have their civil rights protected as well as also protect their natural inalienable rights to what happens to their bodies and minds of themselves and family members, for we of ATIS understand... For together we stand strong.

How does ATIS make me stronger?

We practice the art of strengthening of ourselves, so in turn we can lend our strength to others, this means by building and helping our members become strong in all aspects of life, physical, mental, social, financial, etc., we believe that in turn those same members will be able to build a stronger, better temple, that in turn can help other members also likewise become stronger, is this way we all work together as a team, like a family in order to make a better world in the vision of ATIS, and it starts with bettering ourselves!

A simple "Hello", is all it takes...

If you like what you hear, and want to make a positive impact on the world around you, then send us an e-mail, one by one may we build a better world together, so we may all enjoy life in the here and now as well as into the future and beyond into our rebirth into the next life thereafter. For those whom believe we can experience the real benefits of our works in the present, then we humbly invite you to join us, walk not behind us as followers, but besides us as friends and family, as we tread through the thick and the thin, of this life's journey together, back to back and side by side.

What does ATIS offer?






ATIS POSTIVE MEDIA (coming soon)

ATIS EDUCATION (coming soon)


  • Natural Vaccine alternative project
  • Stop/Reduce Electronic Harassment EMF Faraday Shield/Cage Protection / Electronic Stalking / Voice-to-Skull / Transcranial Communication
  • Universal Emergency Antivenom

Do you like what you see? Come and be apart of ATIS, follow it's path of become an ATIS volunteer! The more hands the better, and the better the hands the faster the world becomes better!


In times of danger, tyranny, social unrest, and survival you need to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones. AMD Teaches the skills neccisary to survive in this often dangerous world, while building self-confidence, awareness and the ability to defend against a variety of known threats and different types of harm from verbal abuse, weapon defence, Physical threats from humans and animals (and humans that act like animals).


Imagine being able to finally understand the world and it's workings that you've been born into, with ATIS Universal Science theory, it won't seem to complicated anymore, and everything will seem within reach for you and give you not only understanding of the world you live in, but peace of mind of what comes here after.

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